How To Sell If You Don’t Like Selling

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Want To Sell But Don’t Like Selling?

If you want to know how to sell if you don’t like selling then read on. I’m going to explain a few simple things you can do to help generate sales into your online business.

There’s no middle ground here. People are either really good and love doing things like cold calling, Facebook live, Youtube live, door to door sales and just generally pitching their business to anyone and everyone or they hate it. Most people who are trying to sell online fall into the category of hating it.

A bit like me.

How To Sell If You Don't Like Selling

So what do you do about it? How can us introverts make sales without doing all the pitching.

By teaming up with someone or a company that does a lot of the heavy hitting for you. By using automated sales systems that does the selling for you. By using email auto-responders that follow up for you.

Your job then becomes a little easier. You learn to become someone who creates curiosity and interest in what it is that you’re doing. Once people start asking about your business, instead of trying to pitch them the idea of buying your product or service you just lead them into your done-for-you sales funnel that does the selling for you.

Once your leads sign up they will then go into a series of emails from your built-in auto responder and entice them to watch the company presentation video that will do the selling for you. There are many systems out there that offer these services. It’s up to you to find the one that suits you. I personally use this one.

It has everything you need to run an online business. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work once you sign up. A lot of people just assume that once they’re into a done-for-you business that’s it. Job done. You need to get traffic to your business. If you have the funds to buy traffic then no problem, but most people need free traffic using social media. So you need to get to work and help people out, show people results and generally be a very active person on whatever platform you decide to use.

Find your strengths when it comes to social media and double down on what’s working for you. If you like making videos then get into YouTube or Facebook live. If you love creating visual stories and images then use instagram or if you like to write then start blogging. Once you find what you’re passionate and good at it stops becoming tedious work and becomes a business that you love.

So to conclude. If you want to sell make money with an online business but hate selling then tap into a done-for-you automated business. There are many available just like this one that I use. I have everything you need to get you started including full training, daily checklist, motivation and bonuses.

Justin James.

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