How To Build An Email List In 2020

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Try These Essential Tips On How To Build An Email List In 2020

So learning how to build an email list can be a daunting task for some people. Just getting started can seem like a mission. But if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you should already know how important list building is for your online business.

Keep reading on to find some essential list building tips, strategies, quotes and industry stats to help you build the email list of your dreams.

Create More Landing Pages.

According to Hubspot companies found a 55% increase in leads when you have more landing pages. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Having just one free offer on your website to entice people to opt-in isn’t going to appeal to everyone who visits your website. But if you have multiple free gifts scattered throughout your site, your chances of appealing to more people increases greatly.

To read more about this, here is the article.

Use Pop-Ups

Yes the horrid pop-up. They can be super awkward and tacky but guess what? They seriously work.

Research done by the content marketing research,

Nikki McGonigal’s pop-up drove 1,375% more sign-ups than her sidebar alternative.
Darren Rowse’s light-box earned 400 new subscribers a day. increased its email conversions by 1,000%.
Mama’s Lebanese Kitchen saw sign-ups 10 times greater than the pre-pop-up, opt-in rate.

how to build an email list

They recommend to keep your pop-up simple. Don’t overload it with text and graphics. Have one goal in mind and have fun with your message. Be creative with your copy with things like questions, offers and words that visitors don’t expect. Stop them in their tracks so they have to think about your pop-up, even if it’s for one second.

You Need A Tantalizing Offer

People need a big reason to join your email list. People don’t join newsletters anymore. Unless you’re known to have the best newsletter in the world, it’s now a complete waste of time to have a ‘Join My Newsletter’ form on your site.

how to build email list

Put yourself in your visitors shoes. Would you opt-in to your list if you were a complete stranger visiting your website? Really think about it.

You need to know your audience and their problems and offer solutions in exchange for their email address. It could be something simple like a checklist, software, ebook or guides that offer real value and solve problems very quickly. Less can quite often be more when putting together an offer.

Focus On Your Welcome Email

According to GetResponse the welcome email you send to someone who just opted in to your list has an average open rate of 82%. This is because the person who just signed up wants to get access to your free offer.

how to build email list

So why not take advantage of this high open rate but offering some valuable information to your new subscriber. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to start that important relationship building process. Try to leave them hanging in a good way so they will look forward to your next email.

You Need Traffic

Your email list will not grow if you don’t have traffic. Now if you have a decent budget then you’re all set. You can buy as much traffic as you please to your landing page and watch your list grow. But if you’re like the majority and you need free traffic then read on.

how to build email list

Social media is without doubt one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your content. Next to SEO and trying to get articles ranked in google, social media is a must have for building your audience.

Now we’re all different people with different personalities, so choosing your social media platforms should be a case finding what works for you. Do you like making videos? Do YouTube or Facebook. Like commentating in short bursts? Do twitter. Like taking photos and telling stories with images? Do Instagram.

Now if you’re looking for alternatives for free traffic, then I have the perfect solution for you. My ebook covers 10 of the highest volume traffic sources in social media that doesn’t include the big names like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

These 10 free traffic sources are still pretty secret but offer you a ton of tree traffic if you’re willing to put in the work. Click Here To Download The Book For Free.

Have A Custom Thank-You Page

I can’t believe how many times I’ve opted in to receive a free gift only to be sent to a product page. This may of worked 10 years ago but people are too savvy now.

how to build email list

A great way to introduce yourself is to have a custom thank you page to send your visitors to after they opt-in to your free offer. Not only can you introduce yourself and offer some more value to visitors, but you can also introduce them to your product.

Now the chances of them buying from you on this page is very remote, but you have raised their awareness and they have been introduced to your product for the first time. Really use this opportunity to offer as much value as possible on this page and start building trust and awareness straight away.

Get Rid Of Distractions

It’s pretty much a fact that most bloggers love wordpress plugins. We fill up our blogs with all sorts of widgets, sliders, buttons, advertisements, social media icons and many more.

how to build email list

But if you’re just starting out and you’re creating content to build your email list, then you need to focus on just that. You don’t need google ads on your site if you’re getting twenty visits per day. You don’t need anything really except your content and lead magnets.

You want to make the most out of every visitor who comes to your site. So let them consume your outstanding content and when they’re finished give them only two options, opt-in or leave. When your opt-in is highly targeted, relevant, perceived as very valuable and solves a big problem then you’re list will start grow.


To wrap things up I’m going to give you this piece of advice. The world of email marketing is slowly changing. When I mean slowly, it’s taking years for the industry to see major shifts in things like open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates etc.

This means that email marketing is still without doubt the number one way to build and grow your online business. The gurus maybe talking about how it’s dying but they’re just saying that to sell you some new software.

Offer value, be consistent and keep testing everything. It’s a wonderful way to build your business and is still very essential today as it will be in another 20 years and beyond.

I really hope you enjoyed this article on how to build an email list in 2020. Feel free to contact me if you need anymore assistance.

Thanks for reading.

Justin James

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