20 Awesome Ideas For Building Your Email List

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20 Ideas For Building Your Email List

An email list is a huge asset for any online business. These 20 ideas for building your email list ensure that you have a way to keep in touch with your website visitors when they aren’t quite ready to make a buying decision yet. This means you’re able to build a relationship and credibility, plus you can market to this list over and over again. A mailing list is a great tool for any affiliate marketer.

building your email list

1. Make sure that your sign up box has a compelling reason to subscribe is on every page of your website.

2. Offer an irresistible free offer (a special report, software, and coupon) in exchange for sign up.

3. Make it simple for your subscribers to sign up. Simply ask for a name and an email address. If you want more detail, you can ask for that additional detail at a later date.

4. Make a website / page that advertises only your newsletter and doesn’t include other distractions. You can send targeted traffic (ex. social media, ppc ads, forums etc) to this page.

5. Invite readers to sign up for your email list in your article bylines. Send articles to targeted websites for publication or to article directories like ezinearticles.com.

6. Include a promotion of your newsletter in your email signature.

7. Promote your newsletter in your forum signature lines. Forum members are likely to respond to something free.

8. Set up an advertising or pay-per-click campaign that sends visitors to your newsletter sign up page.

9. Offer to post to a fellow blogger’s blog in return for being able to promote your newsletter in your posts.

10. Include your newsletter in your social network profiles.

11. Consider setting up your own affiliate program and let your affiliates promote your newsletter in return for a lead commission.

12. Submit your newsletter to directories like ezine-dir.com.

13. Post your newsletter archives on your website and include an invitation to subscribe on each page. Archives are great content to draw in search engine visitors, links from other websites, etc.

14. Try a pop-up window that includes your subscription form and a reason to subscribe.

15. Inspire confidence by including information about your privacy policy on your subscription box.

16. Deliver superb content and promotions so that your subscribers will tell other people about you. Include a note in your emails to encourage your readers to pass on your emails.

17. Post relevant videos on YouTube with your website address watermarked on the left side of your video.

18. Look for targeted podcasters to interview you and ask them to include a link to your newsletter sign up page with your interview.

19. Conduct a live webinar with the owner of a product for which you are an affiliate. Require people sign up to your list to get access to the event.

20. Publish testimonials from your existing subscribers.

To make sure your list is profitable; you need to ensure that you send out quality offers on a regular basis.

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I really hope these 20 ideas for building your email list inspire you to take action and get your email list up and running as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Justin James.

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