12 Dead Simple Ways To Increase Website Traffic

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Discover These 12 Essential Ways To Increase Website Traffic To Your Blog

Everyone who owns a website knows they could use more traffic to their blog. The more traffic you get means more readers, subscribers and at the end of the day…more affiliate sales. Who wouldn’t want that?

increase website traffic

Here are some essential tips to help you get more traffic.

1. Add your own personality. Create interesting content, rather than straight sales pitches or formal articles. The more character you can add to your site and content, the more trust you will get from your audience.

2. Add an RRS feed to your website and ping web logs like pingomatic.com

3. Make useful comments on the best blogs related to your blog’s niche. Usually, you can link back to your site when you make a comment on another blog.

4. Submit your blog to blog directories. Just search for “blog directory” on Google for the latest directories. There are always new ones being made. Remember to set up Google analytics on your blog so you can track where your traffic is coming from. Then double down on what’s working.

5. Look into using tools like “trackback” that creates a link back to your site when you link to an entry on another blog. This is similar to analytics. It gives wonderful insight into your traffic.

6. Email your mailing list when you update your blog. Or set up a special new post notification mailing list. This will create instant traffic to your site depending on the size of your list.

7. Guest post on other blogs. Contact some owners of busy blogs and ask if you can write an original blog post in return for a link to your blog. This is a slow but steady approach to SEO.

8. Create a blog meme. A meme is often a quiz, survey or other fun thing to post to your blog. You can create your own for other blog owners to pass around, add to their blog and have them link back to you when they post it.

9. Be controversial. If you’ve got an opinion, don’t be afraid to share it. This is once again looking into adding your own personality to your blog. It’s really important.

10. Share your blog post links to your Twitter, Facebook and other online friends. If you want the top 10 traffic sources that are free and still very secret then check this out. Click Here To Download The Book For Free.

11. Host a giveaway. You know people love free stuff. This works very well on social media, especially facebook as people love to share if they have an incentive. You may need to make a little investment but your traffic and email list will grow beautifully with this plan.

12. And of course, keep your blog up-to-date and post regularly. Nothing beats regular, consistent and valuable content.

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Getting consistent website traffic is one of the biggest challenges in the blogging world. Many people give up on their blogging dream because they can’t get enough traffic to their site. Try using these 12 dead simple ways to increase website traffic and see what works.

Remember to have tracking set up so you can monitor where it is coming from so you can double down on what’s working and ignore what isn’t. Also stay at it, be consistent and produce great content. It’s the best way in my opinion to almost guarantee success with your blog.

Justin James.

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